Crux of the Matter Series - Become an Expert, One Crux at a Time! (Many Unique and Interesting topics to Learn. Check them Out!)

Offered By : Pranav Marathe

Validity in days : 365

Price :Rs. 49.0

Course description : The "Crux of the Matter" series delves into diverse topics from various fields, aiming to empower readers to become proficient in new subjects through concise, yet comprehensive, learning. Each book in the series condenses complex information into a streamlined format, making it accessible for a broad audience. Similar to the previously provided mindfulness notes, these books offer a structured and focused exploration of the core concepts and information within various fields, with the potential to transform beginners into proficient individuals in their chosen subjects.

Sequence number : 1

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Topic list

Subtopic Name Timed Test Time Limit (in minutes)
Awakening Presence: A Your Journey to Mindfulness Mastery No -

Subtopic Name Timed Test Time Limit (in minutes)
Essentials of Design Thinking and Design Mindset Integration No -