JLPT N5 Tests / NAT Q5 MCQ

Offered By : Prachi Pimpalkhare

Validity in days : 360

Price :Rs. 499.0

Course description : Chapter wise tests based on books used for JLPT N5. Books like Minna no Nihongo etc. We have covered Grammar, Vocabulary, Dokkai mini tests and full tests. We have covered each and every topic and vocabulary. We keep on adding tests frequently. It is good for self stuy to ensure you have covered each topic in details. Also, this acts as double check that your teacher has covered the whole syllabus. You will receive the detailed results by email. So you will know your weak areas. You can reset the score and resolve it till you get full marks. This way you actually end up learning by taking a test.

Sequence number : 1

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Topic list

Subtopic Name Timed Test Time Limit (in minutes)
Hiragana Basic Question Set Yes 30
Katakana Basic Question Set Yes 30
Hiragana Advanced Question Set Yes 15
Katakana Advanced Question Set Yes 20
N5 Chapter Wise Test 1-2 Yes 25
N5 Chapter Wise Test 3-4 Yes 45
N5 Chapter Wise Test 5-6 Yes 30
N5 Chapter Wise Test 7-8 Yes 35
Chapter 9-10 Yes 120
Chapter 11-12 Yes 60
Chapter 13-14 Yes 60
Chapter 15-16 Yes 70
Chapter 17-18 Yes 60
Chapter 19-20 Yes 60
Chapter 21-22 Yes 70
Chapter 23-25 Yes 70